The FTNMR Free Induction Decay Archive

Pacific Lutheran University
Department of Chemistry
Tacoma, Washington 98447

In this archive you will find 1H and 13C NMR free induction decay (FID) files of small organic molecules. The FID's in this archive were acquired on the 300 MHz broad band FTNMR spectrometer at Pacific Lutheran University and are available in the formats described below. This data is provided free as a service to the educational community. If you download and use this data we ask that you acknowledge the Pacific Lutheran University FTNMR FID Archive. Thank you.

A special section of this archive is dedicated to the NMR spectra used in Solomons and Fryhle's Organic Chemistry textbook (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York). The Solomons and Fryhle section of the archive is provided in cooperation with John Wiley & and Sons, Inc.

Free induction decay files may be downloaded for processing and viewing in either NUTS ( Acorn NMR ) or Felix (Accelrys, Inc.) format.

Another feature of the PLU FID Archive is a searchable database of 94 processed 1H spectra in NUTS format, complete with structure image files. This feature has been provided by Acorn NMR. The spectra and image files are compressed in a single 9.2 megabyte .zip file. Instructions for downloading and handling the .zip file are here .

Free Induction Decay Files of Small Organic Molecules

The FTNMR FID Archive Files are no longer available by anonymous ftp.

Click on NUTS* or Felix* for information on purchasing software from these companies for processing the FID's and viewing the NMR spectra.: Pacific Lutheran University has no affiliation with either Acorn NMR or Accelrys, Inc. and does not intend the presentation of NMR data in this archive to constitute an endorsement of either product.

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