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January 22, 2019

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The Chemistry Alumni Email List


In order to be a part of the chemistry alumni email list, you may need to know a little about how email lists work. (If you are already experienced with email lists, skim ahead.) A standard email list is simply a list of email addresses for a group of people with common interests. When you want to contact the list, you send email to the list. The entire list of people then receives a copy of your email. Upon receiving the email message, members of the list can simple read the message, send email to the author of the original message, or send email to the entire list.

The email list server is a program that provides this functionality and is maintained by a host computer. All email list organizational details are handled by sending email directly to the list server not the list itself. The list server we are using is Mailman. Working with email list servers consists of learning two procedures:

  • Use web link above to make changes to your settings (subscribe, unsubscribe, and changes)
  • Sending email to the list itself, in this case, chem_alumni@chem.plu.edu.

Specifically, the main functions you will be involved in are subscribing, unsubscribing, and changing your subscription configuration. The subject line is always ignored by Mailman. Your requests should normally be processed in a very short time, under 5 minutes.

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